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Poison Free Rodent Control and Trapping

In need of rodent control in Michigan including squirrels, mice, rats, or beaver removal? Rodents cause lots of damage to your home and property including chewing of wires, gnawing holes in your home, or damages to your property.

Rodent control and removal is another one of our specialties. When mice, rats, or squirrels are on the prowl and chew their way into your attic there is damages guaranteed to occur. 25-30 percent of all house fires are caused by rodents chewing or gnawing on wires in the attic.

If you have rodent problems such as squirrels in the attic, mice in the basement, or roof rats in the attic our method is environmentally friendly. We focus our removal on non-toxic poison free mice, squirrel, and rat trapping. Below is some information on the rodent species in Michigan.

Calls We Get for Rodent Control Services

  • Squirrels nesting in the attic

  • Rats in the basement

  • Mice in the basement and attic

  • Beaver damage to trees

  • Groundhogs living in a rock wall

  • Muskrats damaging docks. 

Rat Control

The roof and the Norway rat are the most common rats found in Michigan.  Roof rats live in trees, attics, and buildings like squirrels. Norway rats are common for living underground in basements and sewers. Rats cause damages to wires in the attic and contaminate crops and other foods with diseases. Best method for removal is by trapping.

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Muskrat Removal

In Michigan muskrats live in ponds, rivers, streams, and ponds. Muskrats generally eat vegetation like weeds and cattails. Sometimes they will even eat small fish and frogs. Muskrats burrow into walls of ponds creating caving, sliding, and erosion. They also destroy vegetation in home owners ponds. We have found muskrats living in coy ponds eating fish and destroying pumps and heaters.

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Beaver Removal

Beavers can be a nuisance to many homeowners who live near ponds, lakes, and rivers. The largest rodent in North America. Beavers take down several trees and flood many lawns by damning rivers, streams, and ponds. Best control method is by trapping and destroying the damn. Installing screen barriers around trees can also help to prevent beavers from chewing down trees.

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Groundhog Removal

In Michigan we take care of nuisance groundhogs or woodchucks.  You will find groundhogs in open plains or digging holes and living underground. Groundhogs in Michigan are found living under decks, in rock walls, and in hills. Groundhogs have rounded claws used for digging. Groundhogs are vegetarians and eat plants, grass, flowers, and other vegetation.

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Mice Control

Removal and control of mice is a common problem in Michigan. Our techniques offer humane, environmental friendly, and poison free trapping methods. Mice reproduce as early as 8 weeks old therefore there is a rapid increase in population weekly. Best method to control mice is mice proofing. Sealing roof lines and pipe penetrations.

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Squirrel Removal

Including red squirrels, fox squirrels, and the eastern gray squirrel.  Squirrels are notorious for taking over bird feeders, chewing wires, and damaging insulation in the attic. Squirrels will have two sets of litters during a one year period. Litters usually 3-4 in numbers.  Method for removal is by trapping, usually takes a lot of traps to catch all of this nuisance rodent.

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