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Michigan Bat Control & Wildlife Removal Service Area

Professional Wildlife Control Services – 7 Days a week

We provide bat removal services through out Michigan. We are willing to travel long distances for home owners who can not find a reputable bat removal company in their area.

We provide bird control service through out most areas in South East, MI, Greater Lansing Area, Greater Ann Arbor Area, and Central Michigan.

We provide a rodent control service including mice, rats, and squirrels in Michigan. Our rodent control services are different than most. We do not use poisons in the attic to get rid of the rodents.

We provide animal trapping services throughout South East, MI and the Greater Lansing Area. Trapping requires a lot of patience and potentially several service trips to your home.

On all of our wildlife control jobs we provide wildlife proofing to get rid of the captured or excluded animals. We service many areas in Michigan for bat proofing and wildlife prevention.

As an added service we clean up the mess the nuisance animals and birds leave behind. Our attic restoration service includes clean up of bat guano in the attic, bird nest, rodent droppings, raccoon feces, and damaged insulation. We service the entire state of Michigan for this service. Below are some common areas we serve.