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Professional Wildlife Control Company

WCO Permit # RC-1019 | 7A & 7D Pesticide Applicator C004180056

Who We Are

We are a full service wildlife management company locally owned and operated. We are licensed in Nuisance Wildlife Control through the DNR and carry a commercial pesticide applicators license through the Michigan Department of Agriculture.  We specialize in live bat exclusions so bats can freely leave their roost with out being harmed. Once all wildlife have been removed we do all of the necessary repairs so the pest and other wildlife do not return. We do full service attic clean-ups and restorations.

We have successfully completed thousands of bat exclusions all over the state of Michigan. We take pride in customer satisfaction and providing great service. There aren't any projects we can't handle. We specialize in commercial buildings and have worked with thousands of residential customers.

With our continued growth in the company, we have decided to separate from our sister company Michigan Wildlife Solutions. By doing this we are able to concentrate on specialized services such as bat, bird, mice, and squirrel exclusions.

Michigan Bat Control Service Van
Michigan Bat Control Work Truck

Serving Over 17 Counties in Michigan

We currently have 5 service trucks in our fleet and are looking to add at least one each year. As our customer data base grows and our service area expands we need to be able to reach out further. We are even in the process of adding a truck into the Tampa Florida area and look to add a truck in Northern Michigan for the summer months. We are always looking to expand our fleet and with that we are expanding our employee count.

Meet the Crew

Joe 2022

Joe Willis

Founder & President

Studied at the University of Michigan. Has a bachelors degree in mass media communications and computer science from the University of Michigan. He opened the company in 2000 as a sole proprietor servicing a very small area. As the company grew over the years he expanded the service area and incorporated in 2010. Joe maintains the business, helps with phones, and still works in the field. He knows every area in South East, MI very well. He comes with nearly 20 years of real in the field experience. If you have a wildlife problem Joe is here to help.

Business Consultant MBC

Ken Zimmerman

Office Manager

Wildlife Certified | Certified Wildlife Control Operator | Certified Bird Management Operator

Ken has been with us for a long time. He has been here from near the beginning and helped grow our company to where it is today. He is the key to making our company run like a well oiled machine. Ken runs all of our office staff and makes sure the communication with our customers is smooth. He is the backbone of the company. He also maintains all of the phones, customer support and office duties. If you have questions or concerns he is your go to person for customer support.

bat removal fall


Sales/Lead Technician

bat removal fall


Wildlife Control Operator

Exclusion Specialist

bat removal fall


Operations Manager

Over 20 Years of Experience

bat removal fall


Wildlife Control Operator

Exclusion Specialist


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