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Michigan Wildlife Control Pricing

A Michigan Bat Control Price Guide For Wildlife Encounters

Since we started this business nearly 20 years ago, the industry has changed quite a bit. There was less competition in Michigan in the wildlife control industry. To be a wildlife control company, you were stepping into pretty new territory. Most nuisance wildlife encounters were controlled by the DNR (Michigan Department of Natural Resources). When the demand for nuisance wildlife control was too great, the DNR could no longer handle it. Wildlife management in private homes or businesses became a private for hire service. Meaning the DNR no longer got rid of raccoons, bats, squirrels, opossums, etc. At the time the DNR handled nuisance wildlife it was a free service. When you had bats in the attic, raccoons in the fireplace, or a bird problem you could reach out to the DNR and they would take on your wildlife problem for no charge. This is now a paid service.

Today the DNR is still much involved in the nuisance wildlife business, but they do not work in the field. They control permits for wildlife damage and nuisance control operators and they regulate how companies operate. In order to to work in the nuisance wildlife control industry you have to be permitted by the DNR. Our permit number is RC-1019.

When we started our nuisance wildlife control company there were very few companies in Michigan. Everyone pretty much knew everyone in the business. Listing your pricing typically gave your competition a leg up. It was like giving away our trade secrets to the competition. Today things are much different. The competition is growing so rapidly, it's much like the pest control business anymore. Pest control companies are different than wildlife control companies. They use poisons to control insects. Now more than ever pest control companies are giving the wildlife control business a shot.

We have decided rather than hiding our pricing, it would be in our benefit to let you know what kind of prices you may encounter when choosing a wildlife control company. With pricing being so readily available on the internet now, why wouldn't we just lay it out for you when you come to our site. There is no need for sticker shock when you call our company or any other company for that matter. One thing to understand though is every situation is quite different in this business. There aren't really one price fits all jobs. We are hoping by listing some common pricing this will help you better understand pricing in the wildlife control industry.

How Much Does Wildlife Control Cost? | Understanding the Wildlife Control Industry and Pricing Guidelines

Hearing noises in the attic or have you had a critter in the house? A wildlife inspection can solve your nuisance wildlife matter. 

Do you have a bat in the house or animal stuck in the fireplace or window well. We have wildlife control operators 7 days a week. 

We are an animal trapping company located in South East, MI. We have a detailed price guide for animals below. 

Whether you have bats, birds, rodents, or raccoons in the attic chances are there will be damage to the attic.

Getting rid of nuisance wildlife is only the first step. Repairing entry points on the home is the step to keeping your home pest free. 

How We Charge For Specific Types of Wildlife

All pricing for the above services are subject to change. All jobs in the wildlife control industry are specialized services. They are also very custom. Each job has it's own unique price guide. We never charge an hourly rate for any of our services. The prices listed above are solely for the purpose of consumers understanding the wildlife control industry pricing. See our warranty information page to see what's covered.