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Michigan Bat Control | Summer Bat Removal & Activity

During the summer season we often see bats hanging from the rafters in attics and above sheltered doorways. Bat removal, bat control and bat relocation during the Summer months should not be done until all juvenile pups are flying out of their roost. During these months bats are the most active because the temperature is hot and the insect population is at its highest.  The maternal mothers leave their roost to feed and return to nurture their young.  Bat pups are developing their wings and learning how to fly generally from the end of May until the beginning of August.  This is only an estimated time period so it is very important to monitor the colonies and have your home inspected to determine if the pups are in flight.  If it is determined your home has a maternal colony all repair work can be performed except for the entry point where the bats are flying in and out of.  Usually determined by rubbing marks (brown or black streaks from the oils on their fur) or bat guano (droppings) outside of the entry point. 

Not all colonies are maternity colonies.  Technicians can often determine if you have a maternal or bachelor male colony of bats.  Its important to be 100% sure if you have a male colony before doing any of the bat exclusion work on the home.  Even though bats are a nuisance and can create lots of damage to your home, they are protected animals and are very important to our environment.

How do you get rid of bats during the summer?

Most bats in the attic in Michigan live beneath the insulation or in wall cavities where it's warm. Some bats in the attic can be removed and relocated by hand. Not all bats are ever found in any certain attic. The one and only way to remove bats during the summer or any month for that matter is through a live bat exclusion.

Bat Removal Process in the Summer Without Detail is a 3 step process:

  1. Inspection: Locating entry points and other potential entry points.
  2. Live Bat Exclusion: Installing one way doors and bat proofing the rest of the home.
  3. Return visit: Re-inspect the home and remove one way door after a minimum of a week. We keep our doors up until late fall. 

The length of time it takes bats to exit your home varies depending on the temperature and feeding patterns. During most summer months, getting rid of bats usually takes between one and three days. 

Improper Bat Removal Techniques

The process mentioned above is the only acceptable way to get rid of bats from homes and attics. Glue boards, ‚ÄúBat-A-Way‚ÄĚ, or high frequency noise emitters are gimmicks and unacceptable ways to solve a bat problem. The Federal Trade Commission has provided a ban against the selling ultrasonic pest control devices.¬† There are no poisons, pesticides or fumigations you can use to evict bats from your home. Bats are both state and federally protected species here in Michigan. Because of White Nose Syndrome (WNS) bats are now on the endangered list. Also because of West Nile and other various diseases bats are great to control the insect population and prevent the spread of diseases. Fines for killing bats in Michigan can be up to $5,000.

Bats are a beneficial species.  They are an important part of any local ecosystem, with some species eating significant numbers of potential agricultural pests such as mosquitoes, beetles and moths. Like all wildlife in Michigan, bats can carry rabies. Human rabies cases are rare in the U.S., with an average of 2-3 cases documented each year. It is estimated that in the U.S., 40,000 people each year receive rabies post-exposure and many of these following an exposure to bats.  Some of these treatments can be avoided if the bat can be collected and tested for rabies.  If the animal tests negative for rabies, no treatment is necessary.

Can Your Start the Bat Exclusion Process in the Summer?

Bat removal, bat control and bat relocation during the Summer months can often be the best time to exclude bats. However there are a couple things to consider. Are there baby bats? The old saying goes "June and July let them fly" Meaning, do not block the mothers out of their nursery. Is it too hot? Asphalt shingles can be damaged if the weather is too hot outside.

Why is a bat flying in my house during the summer?

Typically this is due to the fact there are juveniles learning how to fly. Usually less than two months juvenile bats start to take flight. With undeveloped minds, the pups do not understand how to come and go with efficiency. 

Why start the bat removal process during the summer?

Bats are most active during the summer. The pups are born and the colonies grow in number. It is important to get rid of the bats before the colony gets out of control. During the summer you are guaranteed to get rid of the bats, before the cold fall and winter.

Did the bat fly in from the outside?

It's possible, but not likely. Most bats in your home come from the attic or fireplace. On occasion the bats may enter by leaving a door or window open, but that typically means there is a colony near by. 

What can I do if there is a colony of bats in the attic?

Most importantly you have to be patient. Bats living in your attic over the summer will leave if excluded by a professional. It should only take a few months for the bats to leave your home. Bats that enter your home during this time may be very disoriented and are simply looking for a way out. If you find a bat flying in your house open a window or door. The bat may fly out within a few short minutes. If you can not get rid of the bat from your house, it may be time to call a professional. 

Should I clean my attic out if there is bat poop?

Not all attics need to be clean out, but many do. The winter or colder months are the best times to clean out the attic. We can often times remove hibernating bats located underneath insulation while we remove the insulation. During your home inspection we will look in the attic and determine if you need attic restoration work.

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