One Way Bat Doors- Getting Rid of Attic Bats

One way bat door

One way bat door can be defined as an exclusion device to get rid of bats. Allowing the bat to exit but not return. One way doors are great for getting rid of bats from attics, eves, and walls.  They will also work for getting rid of small birds, squirrels, and mice.  One way bat doors are designed so the bats can freely leave their roost with out being harmed or injured. Bat are great for the environment and should not be killedpoisoned or trapped.

There are many types and styles of one way doors. Bat netting, hinged doors, or exclusion tubes are some examples of one way doors.  We have seen everything from garbage bags, gutter guard, bird netting, socks, caulk tubes, and even stockings.  
We prefer to use an open air way exclusion tube.  Bats tend to move towards fresh air points and outside airflow.  Open Check valves are the best way to get rid of the bats.  We Shy away from netting and hinge door mechanisms because bats can get their wings stuck backing up the exclusion device causing bats to die or end up in the living quarters.  Netting sometimes is the only alternative on larger structures where there are bigger entry points, like barns, high rises, cedar shake roofs, and steal roofs. Netting must be installed properly so no bats will get stuck or left inside.

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If you have bats in the attic you should know there is only one way to get rid of bats and that is through the use of one way doors and bat proofing. Contact a bat removal pro today to install one way doors for you.