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Five Year Bat Removal Guarantee

We guarantee all of our work and back it with a
full five year warranty. Bats are very persistent and will try to regain entry into there pre-existing roost. It is essential that all openings 3/8" or larger are sealed properly. We give this warranty for our customers satisfaction and security that if there is ever a re-entry of a bat we will come back to the home for no additional cost. Extended warranties are important with exclusion work because bats will try to re-enter their roost up to five years. Short term warranties like 1 year or less are not sufficient enough because every year for up to five years these bats are going to try to re-enter their roost. We also provide yearly check ups on homes for your comfort and satisfaction. 

We can guarantee bats will not reenter because they will not try to create a new opening by chewing, pulling or clawing their way back in.  However we can not  guarantee other wildlife from coming back in.  Raccoon's are very strong and can force their way into your attic.  Mice and squirrels can chew their way back in through wood, siding, and flashing.  Although this is true with other wildlife there are many repairs and preventions we can do to minimize the activity and prevent entry points.  Metal Flashing, bird cages, bird repellents, hardware cloth, attic vent cages, chimney caps are all examples of ways to prevent nuisance wildlife from entering your home.  We also provide maintenance programs on homes and yearly inspections to make sure no wildlife is damaging your home. For more information on other warranties click here

For bat removal on log cabins and cedar shake roofs we only warranty for 1 year. Log cabins shift so much there is no guarantee the house will stay sealed up for five years. We do offer yearly maintenance programs on log cabins for a service fee.