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Nuisance Wildlife Trapping Service AreaAnimal Removal ServicesTrapping and Control of nuisance animals such as raccoon's, skunks, squirrels, groundhogs, feral cats, fox, etc. We currently service all of South East, MI for animal trapping services. To see if we currently service your hometown, click on the fox image.
Insulation Removal and Attic Restoration Service AreaAttic Decontamination- Restoration, insulation, and clean up of bat guano, raccoon feces, mice droppings, bird nest and damaged insulation. For this service we currently service the entire state of Michigan. Click on the image to the left to see if we are in your area. 
Bat Removal Service AreaBat Removal Services- Bat Control and removal on residential and commercial properties.For this service we service the entire state of Michigan by appointment. For or daily service route click on the image of the bat to see if we are in or near your hometown. 
Bird Control Service AreaBird Removal Services- Bird Control of residential homes and commercial properties. Including bird netting, vent covers, roof sealing and nest removal. We currently service all of South East, MI for bird control services. For bird netting jobs and commercial buildings contact us.   
Mice Control Service AreaRodent Control Services- Poison free mice, rat and squirrel control of residential homes and commercial buildings. Trapping and prevention. We currently service all of South East, MI for poison free rodent control. Click on the mouse image to see if we are in your area.  
Wildlife Proofing Service AreaWildlife Proofing- Prevention and control of birds, bats, squirrels, mice raccoon's and more. Roof sealing, vent screening, caulking, etc. For most services we service the state of Michigan. Contact us for more details.