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Bat and Wildlife Prevention- Proofing Your Home of Critters  

Key Components of Wildlife Proofing

»You must have the proper equipment.
»Safety equipment is also needed.
»Repairs need to be done right.
»You have to be smarter than the wildlife.
»Knowing potential entry points is key.
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Wildlife proofing your home is essential when dealing with unwanted pest. Most wild animals are very territorial and will often come ba
ck to a home if the repairs not done right. We offer all types of repairs. Chimney caps, eves, gable vents, ridge vents, bathroom vent covers, caulking, screening, flashing, deck screening and more. We use caulking and roof sealant on most repairs. We never use great stuff spray foam for repairs! It looks awful and never last.  We only use commercial grade pest repellent foam for large openings on the roof which is black to match your shingles. Below are some reasons for repairs:

Chimney Caps - Chimney caps ensure there will be no more raccoon's, birds, or bats living in your fireplace. We install all chimney caps and this important because each chimney is unique in it own way. We will measure the flue size and install the proper cap. Some caps require 1/2 inch hardware cloth be installed under the cap.   Chimney cap to prevent wildlife from entering the fireplace
Eave Repairs - Often times squirrels, birds or bats will enter your house through an eave area. Eaves are areas where one roof line meets another roof line, creating a construction gap. Squirrels will get under the gap and chew their way in. Birds can make a nest inside the soffit blocking ventilation and also creates air born bacteria.    Eave and Soffit Repairs
Gable Vents - Gable vents are vents that sit on the side of your house and provide ventilation. We often need to screen the top of these vents with galvanized hardware cloth. Bats, birds and squirrels are the most common animals entering these areas. We recommend using an 1/8" hardware cloth. For squirrels you may need 1/4" for a heavier gauge.   
Open Louvers on a Gable Vent
Ridge Vents - Ridge vents are vents that sit on top of the peak of your house allowing ventilation. Even if there is a fiberglass screen underneath the bats will sit under the vent cap causing the screen to deteriorate.  Ridge should be nailed down tight to the roof line.  Open Ridge Vent End

Bird Cages- Cages over dryer vents and bathroom vents can prevent birds from nesting in your flex pipe causing your exhaust systems not to work. Starlings will typically have babies in your exhaust vents two times a year. Sometimes we have to set a starling trap to get rid of the birds first.  Bathroom Vent Covers

Attic Vent Screens- Cages over your attic and canned vents can prevent squirrels and raccoon's from chewing through to get into your attic. We can get a vent cage to fit any size vent, or manufacture one by hand with hardware cloth. It's important to do all vents to prevent future tear offs. 

 Raccoon tore off an attic vent

Flashing- around chimneys and eves can prevent mice, squirrels, birds, bats and other wildlife from entering your attic and home. Flashing on bird feeder post can prevent raccoons and squirrels from eating your feed as they can not grip onto the post.  Shiny metal flashing above door ways and on wood siding can deter bats from roosting and wood peckers from pecking holes.  Damage

Deck Fencing- We dig 18" barrier trench around decks and porches.  Then we install galvanized hardware cloth, 1/8", 1/4", or 1/2" gage around the deck.  Then we backfill all trench areas to keep animals from digging underneath. Especially groundhogs and skunks.   Deck Fencing