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Bats and Nuisance Wildlife Home Inspections

Why Might You Call For a Bat or Wildlife Home Inspection? 

Keys to a Proper Wildlife Inspection

»Inspect the Roof
»Inspect the Attic
»Look at All Vents
»Check for Improper Caulking
»Identify Entry Points
»Look For Droppings
»Look For Nesting 
»Identify Chewing
»Identify Droppings
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At Michigan Bat Control, Inc. we provide full service home inspection to identify your nuisance bat problem. If you have bats in your attic or other wildlife we will locate the nest and the entry point. We will give a written explanation of the problem identified along with an itemized price list of all the necessary repairs needed to solve your wildlife problem. Home inspections include; roof, attic, perimeter, foundation, chimney, and overview of your home and wildlife problem. Average inspection takes 30-40 minutes depending on the style of home and scope of your nuisance wildlife problem. Often times services can be provided at the time of the inspection if there is enough time to provide full service with out being rushed. It is very important to make sure all repairs are done thoroughly to prevent reentry of the wildlife. All or a portion of the service and inspection fees are applied towards the total cost of the live bat exclusion. Free competitive bids for bat inspections will be provided for certain areas depending on drive time and length of inspection. Prices very home to home depending on the number of repairs needed, style of home, pitch of roof, and an over all hardness of the job.
Inspecting Every Party of the Home for Bats

The Inspection Process

  1. Perimeter Check: A walk around the home locating the layout of the home and potential entry points.

  2. Attic Inspection: It is important this is done to locate entry points you wouldn't see from the outside and determine if there are damages or potential health risk. 

  3. Roof and Chimney Inspection: This is key to locate the actual point of entry and determine other proofing areas to prevent the return of bats or other nuisance wildlife. 

  4. The write up: We will give you a full written inspection checklist along with an itemized price list to exclude any existing bat, bird, or other nuisance wild animal. 

  5. Walk through: After our inspection is complete we will walk you through our recommendations to complete your wildlife exclusion and prevention. 

Note: If you have already paid a service fee to another company, we offer free competitive bids to get rid of the bats. You must have the estimate so we know you have already paid a service fee. You don't need to pay several inspection fees to get the right quote. Our estimates are very competitive with most companies and often less expensive.

After the Inspection: Removing the Bats and Other Wildlife

Not all homes tell a story. Meaning evidence of entry points, droppings in the attic, or other potential entry points. Many times it is important to have a home inspected by a bat removal or nuisance wildlife control professional (not a pest control company). We know what to look for and can make the bat removal and wildlife control process a success with out harming the wildlife, you, or your home. 

Now that the inspection is complete it is time to get rid of the bats, birds, squirrels, raccoon's, mice, etc. All of our wildlife removal jobs are done through a safe and humane exclusion.