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Bat Exclusion Seasons

"We have a home on the lake in Belleville, MI. We have been having bat problems for many months. We decided to call Michigan Bat Control to come out to our home to get rid of our bats. They provided a reasonable estimate and were able to get back to our home within the same week. We were very pleased with their service and no longer have bats in the attic."

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Does Your Belleville, MI Home or Building Have a Bat Problem?

Many homeowners hear scratching in the attic and do not even realize they have a bat problem. Along the city to the suburbs of Belleville, MI we find different types of homes. Many gable style homes, cape cods and colonials are filled with bats. At first sign of scratching in the attic you may believe to have mice or other rodents. Much like all nuisance wildlife bats have four sets of claws you will hear underneath your insulation. We operate a full service bat removal company in the city of Belleville, MI. For information on getting rid of bats out of your home or building navigate the links below for the bat removal process. 

Belleville Bat Removal and Control

If you have a bat problem in Belleville, MI we can help. We are a bat removal and bat control company specializing in the field of bat pest control. We are a local based company near Belleville, MI. Many homeowners in Belleville, MI experience bats in the house, bats in the attic, and other bat problems. When having a bat problem there are a few steps in the bat removal process.

Step 1: Inspection- Often the most important part of the bat removal process. We have inspected several homes in Akron, MI with small to large bat problems in the attics. During the inspection we locate entry points, other potential entry points, and damages.

Step 2: Bat Exclusion- Once we have figured out how the bats are getting in we can begin the bat removal process. This is done by installing one-way door devices at the point of entry and bat proofing the rest of the home.

Step 3: Re-Inspection- After 30 days or so we return to make sure all of the bats are excluded and the bat problem is solved.

Step 4: Attic Restoration- Cleaning up the bat guano (droppings) and damaged insulation is a must to prevent structural damage and health risk. We do not always have to do this unless you have a large bat problem.     
If you discover your Belleville, MI home to have a bat problem there are some things to consider before getting rid of the bats.   
How to hire a bat removal expert in your home town!

Belleville, MI Bat Extermination & Bat Pest Control

If you are looking for a bat exterminator in the Belleville, MI area we urge you look for a humane bat removal and control professional. Bat exterminator or extermination is an old term used to get rid of bats. Bat removal experts are not your average pest control specialists. Bat removal companies are wildlife control operators who specialize in the field of bat control and prevention. There are no poisons, bat traps, electronic devices, or bat repellents that can solve your bat problem. In fact bats are protected and endangered species. Bats are very beneficial to our environment and it is illegal to kill bats.

For more information on our bat removal service or a free online bat control quote in the Belleville, MI area Contact us today.