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Glue Boards Used to Catch Bats

Do you have
bats in the attic? You may consider bat trapping as one method for removal. It's only natural to assume bat trapping is a way for control and removal. Trapping is only good for trapping other nuisance wildlife such as raccoon's, skunks, coyotes, etc. There aren't any ways to trap bats and have long term success. This thinking is inhumane, illegal and inefficient. Consider live exclusion and bat prevention methods to solve your bat problem.  

Trapping the Bats in the Attic

We don't use bat traps when getting rid of bats.  Years ago companies would find your entry point, hook up a 50 lb bat box to the opening and wait for the bats to fly into the box.  Well more times than not, they would come back, check the box, and all the bats would be dead.  Bats are very docile creatures and don't survive in stressful environments.  We have come across many situations with misinformed companies trying to use traps to get rid of a bat problem.  Glue boards stapled to the rafters and laid under insulation are examples of what unintelligent pest control companies use.  They kill several bats and that's it. Next season the bats are back because no entry points were repaired.  Bat trapping is not effective and very inhumane way of getting rid of your bat problem.

Bat Trapping is Ineffective

There are many reason's why bat trapping is a bad method to solve your bat problem. Trapping and handling live bats can be dangerous. Bats carry a variety of diseases and if bitten by a bat can result in rabies. You will never get the whole colony of bats. You could trap the entire bat season, but never end up catching all of the bats. Even trapping the bats you can doesn't mean another colony won't return. For efficient bat removal it is important to exclude the bats humanely and bat proof the home.